Sun Creek Ranches

Sun Creek Ranches has been breeding and raising livestock since 1973 in the foothills of the Rockies in west central Alberta, Canada. Originally a commercial cow calf ranch as well as a purebred operation, we changed to the breeding of elk in 1986 and buffalo or bison, in 1988. We have enjoyed these animals greatly and they have done well for us. In the last few years we have been adding registered Texas Longhorns to our operation, looking for good conformation and especially wide spread of horns. We have some great animals and our goal is to breed even better ones.

We are a family operation, our two oldest sons worked hard to fence and crossfence approximately 1000 acres into 20 to 30 acre paddocks with 8' elk wire and another 1000 acres with 5' bison wire. Roger and Rodney both work in the Alberta oilfield now, but our youngest son, Curtis, and our daughter , Carrie, still work with us in the day to day operation of our ranch. We feel very fortunate and extremely happy to have all of our children and seven grandchildren living close to us. 

Our part of the world does not have the best soil or the best climate for grain farming but we are blessed with plentiful moisture and it grows abundant pasture for the one thousand head of livestock on this ranch.

There are a lot of great people in the industries we are involved in and we welcome our friends and any interested parties to come and visit us anytime they can.


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